Chris Jeynes

sub 3 hour marathon runner

Having taken a tumble during a 32 mile trail run my left arm from the shoulder had limited movement. I couldn’t actually lift it higher than shoulder height. I thought I’d just bruised something and it would fix itself, but some 5 days later things weren’t looking any better so decided a visit to the docs was needed. He referred me to shoulder specialist in Bupa Cardiff. Following a MRI it was showing I’d cracked the ball in my shoulder joint. Stop running, some rest and specific physio was needed.

Neil and I very quickly bonded, he quickly put me at ease about what the process would be and how often I’d need to see him and what I needed to do in the time between visits. Being a runner and being told not to run was very difficult but Neil gave me regular updates on how much longer I needed to avoid running and gave details on what I could and couldn’t do when I started back.

I could feel improvements after every visit. Neil wouldn’t commit to me needing a certain number of sessions but simply said when it was improved we wouldn’t meet as often. Neil and I started meeting on a weekly basis and very quickly this moved to fortnightly. Before eventually going our separate ways but even then Neil was available for me to ask any questions.

Neil not only helped with the injury he took a genuine interest in me and what I did and what I wanted the outcome of the treatment to be. I do not hesitate in recommending Neil to anyone, he’s professional, freindly, helpful and genuinely feels like he wants to help.

PB Sports Physio



PB Sports Physio

Janet Birkmyre

Neil’s approach was wonderfully positive from the start.  He took the time first to understand the injury and then explained in detail what the issue was and how we (I definitely did not feel like I was tackling it alone) would work to resolve it. 

PB Sports Physio

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