Janet Birkmyre

Track Cycling World Champion

Neil was recommended to me by my coach at a time when I was suffering with an elbow injury which had been ongoing for 10 months.  As a competitive cyclist I was desperate to get it right so that I could train without pain and to that end I had seen three different physiotherapists, as well as receiving treatment from a sports injury specialist.  In every case I had followed the rehabilitation diligently but made no progress and was living with pain 24/7.  In fact it had got worse over that time and the diagnosis was still unclear, so if I am honest, I was not sure what Neil was going to be able to do but he came so highly recommended that I felt I had to see him.


Neil’s approach was wonderfully positive from the start.  He took the time first to understand the injury and then explained in detail what the issue was and how we (I definitely did not feel like I was tackling it alone) would work to resolve it. 


The rehab required simple exercises that were quite different to those prescribed before and Neil was very patient in describing and demonstrating these.  I felt totally supported throughout the process and very quickly it was clear I was improving.  The most obvious demonstration of that was when, just a few weeks after seeing Neil for the first time, I was able to ride a personal best time in a cycling discipline which involved a standing start.  This meant that I was able to firmly grasp the bars and exert considerable force through my arms and hands, something I had been unable to do for months.


My treatment is ongoing but with Neil’s ongoing care I am very optimistic that I will make a full recovery and I am most grateful to him for his very professional and effective care.


Janet Birkmyre, Worcestershire

Track Cyclist

PB Sports Physio

PB Sports Physio

Chris Jeynes

Neil not only helped with the injury he took a genuine interest in me and what I did and what I wanted the outcome of the treatment to be. I do not hesitate in recommending Neil to anyone, he’s professional, freindly, helpful and genuinely feels like he wants to help.

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