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PB Sports Physio
PB Sports Physio

World Champion Cyclist

We are pleased to announce that we will now be hosting new Pilates and yoga classes! Get ready to sweat and have fun, while you workout both your mind and body. Sign-up today for a chance to enjoy an invigorating workout!

We’re Adding Even More Equipment

New stationary bikes are heading to a workout station near you! Check out our latest selection of stationary bikes. We now have both upright and recumbent bikes to better serve the fitness needs of our loyal members!

PB Bike Fit

First bike fit

Bring a guest and get ready to workout with your friends. As we enter into the spring and summer fitness frenzy, we have added even more group classes to our already busy schedule! Check out a few of our favorites today, and don’t forget to sign-up next for your group workout session.